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Your benefits

We are well-funded like an institutional investor and flexible like a private one.

schnelle Verkaufsabwicklung beim Immobilienverkauf an crowdhouse

Fast Transaction

You are in touch with just one contact person. Within 24 hours you’ll receive a first offer to buy.

Professioneller Verkaufsprozess beim Immobilienverkauf an crowdhouse

Professional processes

We check more than 1000 properties per year which makes us experts on the Swiss market.

Exzellente Bedingungen beim Immobilienverkauf an crowdhouse

Excellent conditions

We buy at market value. Throughout the whole deal, you will pay no fees at all.

What we buy

  • Properties with a value higher than CHF 2.5 Mio. in cities and their surrounding areas
  • Existing multi-family properties and development projects that are approved or in construction
  • New buildings, core renovated and renovated property and houses in need of rehabilitation
  • Multi-family properties with more than 5 units

What we've achieved since 2015


properties checked


properties purchased

CHF 586 Mio.

transaction volume processed

Selling property to us is efficient

Erste Schätzung der Immobilie nach 24 Stunden

24 hours

First offer to buy

In a first step we analyse your property to create an overview of its opportunities and risks. The subsequent offer to buy is non-binding – it provides the basis for further clarification.

Our experts:

Crowdhouse Real Estate Investment Management

ca. 7 days

Binding offer to buy

In a second step we study all your documents which you provided and inspect the property. Finally we calculate a binding (for us) offer to buy which we will send you.

Beurkundung und Anzahlung der Immobilie nach ca. 10 Tagen

ca. 10 days

Notarisation and deposit

Together with the notarisation, we’ll send you the agreed deposit.

Abwicklung des Immobilienverkaufs ca. 6 Wochen

ca. 6 weeks


Your property is placed with our investors and ownership is transferred. Until the transaction is completed, you’ll continue to receive the rental income.

How it works:

How it works

What other vendors say about us

Crowdhouse delivered the documentation quickly and made a fast decision. In addition, I was very happy with the price negotiation.

Hans Aregger zufriedener Immobilienverkäufer

Hans Aregger

General contractor

I like the professionalism, the short decision paths and the fair negotiations.

Christoph Zoller

Zoller Investment AG

I appreciate the objective assessment of the properties. Furthermore, the fast and uncomplicated transaction is great.

Peter Köppel

OCC Group GmbH

The collaboration with crowdhouse has been flawless. We like their friendly staff a lot. It’s fun working with crowdhouse.

Benjamin Saliji

Neueu Haus AG

crowdhouse in the media:

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Get in touch with us personally

Aren’t you sure yet or do you have questions about us and the selling process? Feel free to contact us any time. You can reach our Director of Investment Management Zef Gjeloshi and his team under [email protected] or
044 377 60 62.

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Exclusive workshops and information

We regularly host free and nonbinding workshops for property owners, and send you tips and other interesting information. Subscribe now for our newsletter: